A society planning to undertake redevelopment must possess

  • Registration certificate
  • An original building plan,
  • A lease deed/sale deed
  • A copy of resolution, an agreement and a title certificate
  • Property card and an NA (non-agricultural) order are additional requirements for the process. The society's name must appear in the property card maintained by City Survey Office as the owner or the subsisting lessee. Else, the society would not be eligible to go for redevelopment as Municipal Corporation will not permit demolition of existing structure and reconstruction.
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List of required documents for redevelopment for societies.

  • Copy of C. S. Plan
  • Copy of D. P remark
  • Copy of Inspection Extract
  • Copy of Road Line Remark (Rd. Widening documents)
  • Copy of Occupation Certificate Copy
  • Copy Of Sanctioned / Approved Plans
  • Copy Of Property Card
  • Copy Of Ownershp Proof (Copy of orogonal purchase document of land)
  • All the Legal Documents Pertaining to Land & Building
  • Individual Agreement of Members and Shops (If Any)
  • Copy Of Electricity & Property Tax Bill
  • Copy Of Water Tax Bill
  • Copy Of Existing Area Documents
  • List Society Members and Their Flat No.
  • Flat / Shop Wise Carpet Area List